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Research conducted by Bain & Co shows that increasing your customer retention by just 5% can result in an increasing in profits by up to 95%! 

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Over 2 Sessions we cover 3 core more modules.
  • ATTRACT Repeat & New Business: Without discounting.
  • ATTRACT & Retain Great Employees: Without increasing overheads.¬†
  • BECOME Distinctive & Stand Out from the Competition:¬†¬†Without the gimmicks.¬†

Get Results Fast

Past clients have seen results in less than 30 days. 

How did they achieve this? 
The clients who achieve results the quickest are those that take the learnings and implement quickly - we've seen clients implement ideas at the end of the first day. 

Plus Bonus Content

Additional bonus content is added to each workshop based on the needs of the participants. 

Upon enrolling you will be invited to complete an onboarding quiz which helps identify the bonus content that will help fast-track results for the group. 

What is more common in your business, troubles or triumphs?

If you're like many business owners, you've probably been feeling stuck lately. Maybe you've always chasing the next new customer. Or maybe you don't feel like your current customers are loyal enough, so you're constantly afraid they'll try your competition. Maybe it's even harder than ever to find and retain top talent? And have you noticed that growing your profitability is not as easy as it used to be?

If any of these situations sound familiar, then you need to discover how to stand out and earn more at the Stand Out Earn More Workshop!


3 Core Modules to Fast Track Your Business Growth in 2023 

Attract Repeat & Referral Business

Don't discount the importance of repeat and referral business. Attracting new customers is costly and time-consuming, so wouldn't it make more sense to invest in retaining the ones you've already got and getting them to refer you to their friends & family?

During the online workshop you will learn:
  • Increase the average sales value
  • Increase the frequency your customers return to buy¬†
  • Increase the number of customer referrals and testimonies you generate.¬†

Attract & Retrain Great Employees

It doesn't have to be hard to find and keep great employees. What is even worse many business owners after finding a great employee fails to retain them as they don't utlize a proven system designed to maximize the employee performance & commitment. Wouldn't it make sense to change this?

During the online workshop you will learn:
  • Create a unique employee proposition that helps to both attract and retain the right employees.¬†
  • ‚ÄčIdentify the core opportunities to improve employee retention.
  • ‚ÄčDevelop and implement a repeatable employee¬†experience.¬†

Become Distinctive 
& Stand Out From Your Competition

Slapping your customers is different, but it isn't - good different. If you don't become distinctive and learn how to stand out from the competition then the only thing you have left to compete on is price and that means lower profits. Isn't it time to build a distinctive business that attracts new customers without gimmicks? 

During the online workshop you will learn:
  • The 3 levels of differentation¬†
  • ‚ÄčThe 4¬†corners stones of distinction
  • ‚ÄčThe steps to being a¬†distinctive business.¬†

Some of our clients have achieved phenomenal results. 

Would you like to join them?

300% Lead Growth

With ZERO ad spend, one client saw a remarkable 300% increase in monthly leads. 

This impressive feat was the result of core lessons within the Stand Out Earn More Program.

Importantly the methods and tools used to achieve this are within your reach and don't need to ad to your costs. 

Doubled Profits

Jason & Scott's teachings and frameworks have been proven to create a clear competitive advantage for their clients.

Multiple clients have reported doubling their profit and going on to sustain that increased profit for years to come.

70% Reduction in Staff Turnover

Through implementing our proven approach to employee experience many clients have reported significant reduction in staff turnover, in some instances as high as 70%. 

As a result of the lower turnover these clients have saved thousands (tens of thousands) in recruitment and onboarding cost all while increasing employee productivity. 


" I couldn't sleep...I was up all night implementing the ideas from day 1." 

Business Owner - Promotional Products
Grayson USA


"I've now got clarity and am taking disciplined action that is making my business stronger every day."

Business Owner - Recruitment Agency 
Sydney, Australia

Program Delivered Live Online - attend form the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have a stable internet connection.

You might expect to pay over $1000 to attend but general admission

Today Only $37

Your credit card will be charged in US dollars for $37 plus any upgrades.

$10 from each ticket sale is donated to support Cancer Research.


Scott McKain has over three decades of research and experience and is currently one of the most in-demand business speaker worldwide. 

Scott helps his audiences learn new skills that impact bottom line results. 

He is the author of four business best-sellers, all teaching how to engage customers, increase sales and create distinction.

Audiences rave about Scott's Work

‚ÄúI have but a brief moment to say what profound effect your presentation has had in my business and personal life. Thank you, I will endeavor to make myself stand out...‚ÄĚ
“Best speaker I have had the privilege to be enthralled with. I'm working on the steps to implement "The Best furniture delivery you've ever had" program.
Ashley Furniture
‚ÄúWOW! You owned the audience in Denver. Every person in the room was on the edge of their seat. Your presentation was the right mix of stories, anecdotes and actionable ideas for our clients and our own company to implement.‚ÄĚ
Advisors Asset Management


Jason Bradshaw is a global strategic advisor to C-suite executives and start-ups, and a keynote speaker on customer and employee experience, digital transformation and leading through crisis. 

He has led transformative change with some of the most recognisable brands like Target, Fairfax and Volkswagen. Delivering phenomenal customer centric growth including delivering $36 million in ecommerce sales in year one and decades of customer and employee metrics improvements.

He is a best selling author on customer and employee experience, recipient of over 40 industry awards.

Oh and he started his first business at the age of 14!

Audiences rave about Jason's Work

‚ÄúThe material was highly relevant and delivery excellent. I am very pleased with the actions that it has kickstarted.‚ÄĚ
Digital Assist
“Best breakout session of the conference, very insightful and actionable ideas."
Bank of America
“It was relevant to everyone, and regardless of the size or type of business you can apply the learnings & grow."

Just like you, Scott & Jason's journey started in a small business.

From a young age, Scott developed an admiration for delivering customer service that would make any clientele loyal and successful - even under the pressure of larger corporate competitors. Growing up in Caruthersville Indianapolis with his family's country store set the foundations to foster this deep appreciation he holds today.

Jason knew that he wanted to succeed from a young age - and so, instead of relying on paper routes or corner stores for the funds, he started his own business at an impressive age of 14. His entrepreneurial spirit was alive even then he realized that you don't have to compete on price to win business. He went on to start & operate 3 businesses before turning 21. 

The Stand Out Earn More 
Online Workshop 

Is designed to help you implement core learnings quickly and achieve results. 

Case Studies

Learning through case studies is an effective way to understand how core concepts work in the real world.  

Throughout the event case studies from various industries are and from different business sizes to help empower you to apply the learnings to your business.

Tested & Proven Frameworks

Scott & Jason combined over 5 decades of experience and research to develop and test the frameworks taught during the workshop.

Each framework is taught in a simple to understand & implement manner to allow you to achieve results faster. 

Interactive Learning

Throughout the program you have an opportunity to interact with the facilitators and other delegates to help sharpen your understanding so you can implement quickly and achieve results. 

MODULE #1: Attract Repeat & Referral Business

Without Needing To Discount

Discover the 3-ways to attract new customers and generate referral business.

Tom, the owner of a small business, was feeling desperate. His profits had been steadily declining for months and he needed to find a way to turn it around quickly. He thought about what his customers really wanted and came up with an idea - massive discounts! Everyone loves getting something for less money so he decided this must be the solution to his problem.

Tom ran a promotion offering huge discounts on all of his products - 50%, 70% even 90% off in some cases. The sales started pouring in almost immediately and Tom was thrilled with how successful it appeared to be at first glance. 

Tom's generous discount policy has backfired, leading to increased effort and diminishing returns - he has to sell to a lot more customers to just make the same level of profit. 

You will walk away from the event with clear actions you can implement immediately to increase the number of customers that want to do business with and refer you.

MODULE #2: Attract & Retain Great Employees

Without increasing Your Overheads

Why would someone work for you instead of your competition? 

I had been promised the world when I took this job. A big salary, great benefits, and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. But as the days passed by, my enthusiasm for it began to wane. Every morning I would walk into that office building feeling more like a robot than a person; going through the same motions every day with no room for creativity or expression. 

It was during lunchtime when it really hit me just how much I hated it here. Everyone around me seemed so content with eating their microwaved meals from packets given out by management - telling us that we should be proud of what they provided us with because 'it's what makes this place great'. No one wanted to take even five minutes out of their day to go somewhere else and have something different... something better! 

Ok this is an obvious exaggeration but the first question for you is do the promises you make during recruitment match the reality of your team? Do you know what makes your team loyal? 

You will walk away from the event with a clear framework to maximize the performance of your team, so you attract and retain talent.

MODULE #3: Become Distinctive & Stand Out From Your Competition

Without The Gimmicks

How do your customers tell the difference between you and your competition?

The sound of the slap echoed through the small shop as James' customer winced in pain. It was a strange sight; most shops don't have store owners slapping their customers, but to James it was all part of his unique business plan. 

James had opened his shop with one goal: stand out from the competition. He wanted people to remember him and he knew that giving regular service just wasn't enough anymore. So, he came up with a very unconventional idea - he would start slapping his customers! 

Slapping your customers is quite a dramatic way to stand out from your competitors - it's a gimmick. 

You will walk away from the event with a clear framework to implement to help your business stand out from the competition. 

YES - 
I want you to enroll right now. 

Are you ready to take a leap and make your business thrive in 2023? 

Joining the Stand Out Earn More workshop is taking that first step towards success! 

With strategies taught at the event, you can start making improvements quickly and easily - no need for expensive software or guru-level knowhow. 

So don't wait any longer: enroll today and get ready to join Scott & I on this journey of growth!

Over 18 Million New Cancer Patients Each Year.

With the number of new cancer patients growing and almost 10 million cancer-related deaths each year there is an increasing need to deepen the research into stopping all cancers for good. 

That's why $10 from the ticket price of each attendee is donated to the Cancer Research Institute. A global research organization working across all forms of cancer.  

You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Are recordings of the event available? 
Yes during the registration process you will be able to upgrade your ticket to a VIP ticket. The VIP Ticket provides you with a VIP only Q&A session and 90 days access to event recordings. 
Why are you making a donation to charity?
Scott and Jason believe in making a positive contribution to the community beyond the impact they make purely through their thought and business leadership. Contributing to a charity helps make a lasting positive ripple in the community. Donations are made within 48 hours of the event concluding.
How do I attend the event? 
The event is delivered live online using Zoom. As long as you have a stable internet connection you will be able to attend from your preferred location. Ideally you will have an internet connection with a minimum of 12mb up/down - the faster the connection the better. 
How many people can attend with my ticket? 
Each ticket allows for one person to attend the event. If you would like to watch the event live with your team please purchase a ticket for each attendee. 
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